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The guide to professional VR and AR tools

XR4work helps you discover and select the best VR/AR solutions for your organization’s needs. We collect suppliers of professional software, organizing their information and user reviews in the same place. With helpful articles, guides, and videos, we inspire and educate you in the world of enterprise XR.

Meet The Team

Niclas Johansson
Co-Founder & CEO

Co-founder and CEO of, the largest VR/AR website in the Nordics, running editorial, community building/events and industry research activities since 2016. Background in sales/business development roles at IoT/wearables startup Narrative, as well as Bonnier Tidskrifter and other media.

Rick Casteel
Co-Founder & Chief Publisher

Rick has worked in Health Care and Information Technology for more than 30 years, serving in many roles, including VP of IT and overseeing growth and operations for a multi-hospital system in the US. He started the VR 4 Work YouTube channel for the purpose of exploring the use of VR for business and professional needs, and then joined forces with XR4work to continue sharing his exploration and experiences with this new medium.

Tom Söderlund
Co-Founder & CTO

With an early career as a game designer, Tom created the AR game Ghostwire and later worked with UX design on the Angry Birds VR game. Later, he switched his focus to web services and apps and recently founded the interactive content tool Now CTO of the e-commerce company Footway/Sportamore.

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