Enables engineers to visualize, manipulate and share 3D CAD data with others in an AR environment

HoloLight delivers with ARES the most collaborative Augmented Reality software suite to efficiently cut costs and improve engineering workflows. Our Augmented Reality Engineering Space enables engineers not only to visualize and manipulate, but also share 3D CAD data with others in a real environment. Today, a project often involves employees from different departments or stakeholder groups. Working together from various locations can be a challenge. Oftentimes employees of different teams may talk about the same model, while having a totally different image in mind. The ARworkspace enables tight collaboration via the Multiuser Mode. Any team member with an AR device like Mircosofts HoloLens can dial into an ARsession and see the exact same model just as all other viewers can. This is useful for prototyping, factory planning or for any other presentation purposes in Sales, Marketing etc. An interesting use case regarding the collaborative aspect of our software is our case study with BASF. By means of our Augmented Reality Engineering Space, two or more engineers can visualize and manipulate projected pipework and assemblies directly at their envisaged destination. Going out into the field, viewing the assembly onsite together, even though it doesnt exist yet, makes the planning considerably easier. Furthermore, it is much easier to talk about the plans. This allows to determine whether everything is in order on the spot or whether modifications on a specific stage in the project are needed. Furthermore, what if testing scenarios expand the digital toolbox of the engineers and give them a better understanding of his projected asset.

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