Arthur -

What is it?

Arthur is a virtual meeting and collaboration platform with a range of offerings for small to very large teams. The Arthur platform was catapulted into the public eye in 2019 after partnering with PWC to develop spaces for internal and client meetings.

Who is it for?

Arthur is available for and can be used by teams with only a handful of members. But Arthur is really geared toward medium and large businesses looking to leverage its platform over multiple teams. Organizations can manage their users teams, files, documents and spaces through Arthur’s web based, team management portal.

What does it run on?

Arthur is available on the Oculus Quest platform.

What are the features?

Arthur has a unique take on it’s Avatar system. Presently, avatars are all rather similar, dressed in black and sporting sunglasses and a boom microphone in front of the face. All very Matrix like. It is all understanding that this is changing soon to a more customized appearance such as you might find through the Oculus Avatar system. Arthur offers a wide variety of features and functionality. It covers all the basics such as white boarding and note taking but throws in some very powerful file format support allowing users to bring in a wide variety of content. Users can upload MP4, PNG, pptx, PDF, 3D files and more for access while in VR. They even have a very unique note-taking system that floats in front of the user, always available in the event the user needs to make a quick note using the digital keyboard or pen input. All these notes and files can be notated on an exported for access for the team web portal. Arthur also provides content that can be used to populate a room in any way that user might require. This allows our room to be a spot for a presentation one moment then changed out for an evening social the next. Set the professional tear subscription having as many rooms as you might like would allow users the pre-populate spaces and move between them as needed. Professional level users also get to take advantage of corporate level support and security features. This tier also offers users joining from a 2D client, the Authur browser available in your VR session and integration with varying platforms such as Google Drive, jira, and others. There are also unlimited rooms when users you can add to your teams do each team and room can be outfitted to its unique style and purpose.

What is the cost?

• Free Tier – up to 10 users and 1 shared space • Consumer Plus – $15 US/user/month up to 10 users and 3 spaces • Professional – check with Arthur on pricing for unlimited rooms and users. Provides enterprise level security and support as well as integrations with content platforms

Assessment: -

Consumption/Retention – 5 (How well can users access and reference info in the environment) Production/Efficiency – 3 (How well can users create content in the app) Flow/Ergonomics – 3 (How easy is it for users to navigate and use the environment and tools) Social/Collaboration – 4 (How well can users interact and work together in the app)

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