Multiuser multisite shared experiences, including both local and remote collaboration options, with crossOS support, twoway audio, avatar representation, integrated documents and IoT data.

Digital transformation is rapidly growing in many industries including AEC, energy, mining and industrial design and manufacturing where organizations are increasingly seeking AR/MR solutions capable of multiuser complex 3D model visualization for collaborative design, planning and stakeholder review sessions. Many of these LiDAR scans and industrial and AEC 3D models are too complex to render on headset devices. Arvizios enterprise XR Platform solves this by offering hybrid rendering and 3D model optimization to create multiuser shared AR/MR experiences with massive 3D BIM and CAD models, LiDAR point clouds and photogrammetry models. These large 3D models are streamed to, and visualized on, spatial computing MR headsets and mobile devices using the Arvizio Immerse app. This offers users the ability to walk through designs at life size, align models with the real world for AR/MR digital twin scenarios, annotate, measure, zoom/rotate, view integrated documents and realtime IoT data and conduct virtual design reviews with multiple participants sharing a synchronized view of virtual objects.

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