BigScreen is like having a LAN party in VR. It’s a polished app with nice environments, a good cartoon-style avatar system, and a clear and simple user interface. You can’t move freely in the environments, but only teleport between preset vantage points. The reason for this is that the central point of focus in each room is a big screen – hence the name.

Participants can install the app on their Windows PC to be able to stream their computer screen into the app. When you do that, you get a private view of your screen right in front of your per default. You can also **mirror the content on the big center screen, making it easy to do presentations from PowerPoint, pdf’s, video content or any “flat” content. **If many users are running the PC streaming application, they can take turns in projecting their screens to the big screen.

BigScreen is focused on social movie-watching and gaming, and you can always check into the app to jump into whatever open rooms that are hosted by users right then – or a selection of themed rooms centrally hosted by BigScreen themselves. There’s even the possibility to buy tickets and attend their VR cinema with high-quality streaming of movies from an official partnership with Paramount Pictures – and this includes 3D movies!

It’s recommended that the person who hosts a BigScreen session runs it from a PC-VR setup because it allows for up to 12 participants. If hosted directly from an Oculus Quest or Go, the limitation is four people in a room.

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