A fully calibrated simulation platform for training in fetal cardiac scanning


The Fetal Heart VR is an application that allows you to fully simulate the maneuvers of an ultrasound probe and perform a virtual scan of a normal fetal heart and also hearts affected by Congenital Heart Diseases.

The application allows you to explore characteristics of individual Congenital Heart Diseases in the fetus. The collection of various Congenital Heart Diseases in Fetal Heart VR is being constantly expanded basing on 20-years expertise of tertiary center physicians from Krakow, Poland (Assoc. Prof. Marcin Wiechec, Dr. Agnieszka Nocun).


With Fetal Heart VR, we intend to change ultrasound training from expensive and stationary simulators available at medical universities, to a personal platform, portable and affordable to every sonographer and physician involved in prenatal sonography.

Through VR training, our goal is to reduce the potential stress and panic usually experienced when a Congenital Heart Disease is encountered during fetal screening scans.

The Fetal Heart VR allows you to obtain cross sections compliant with the guidelines of AIUM/ ISUOG/ASE scientific societies.

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