Immersed: App overview by XR4work

What is Immersed?

Immersed is a VR-based productivity and meeting app that you can get on the Oculus Quest platform. Immersed combines the power of virtual reality with the power of your desktop or laptop, merging the worlds into a productivity powerhouse. 

Who is Immersed for?

It seems fitting that today that I'm sitting in the captain's chair of My Starship, circling the globe, with three huge computer monitors in front of me, while I dictate this article using voice recognition. But such is computer productivity as imagined by the team at Immersed. Immersed is a platform looking to turn your Oculus Quest VR HMD into your daily computing device. As such, **Immersed is for anyone interested in doing computer-based work inside virtual reality. **

What does Immersed run on?

You can install the client on a Windows, a Mac, or a Linux system and run a combination of real and virtual monitors from within your Oculus Quest. In fact, Immersed is one of the only VR productivity apps compatible with Mac or Linux. The process does require that the computer and the Oculus Quest be on the same local network where the two can "see" and have access to each other through a common router. 

What are the features of Immersed?

Immersed accommodates input using either the Oculus controllers or through hand tracking. Since the application is essentially doing a remote session back to the computing device, most users will still need to use a keyboard and mouse for input. Using an ingenious method, Immersed lets users visually see their virtual hands on their virtual keyboard - perfectly synced with the position of the physical keyboard. This works through a combination of mapping the keyboard in virtual space, along with the Quest's built-in hand tracking capability. Immersed has even introduced a mobile app that brings your iPhone (and soon Android) into VR with you! 

(Now for clarification, at the start of the article I mentioned that I was dictating this document while in Immersed. Voice recognition isn't a native function within Immersed, but because I work with Immersed within the same physical space as the computing device, I am able to use software such a voice dictation while in my VR session.)

Immersed provides you with a wide selection of virtual environments in which to experience your session. You can be in a spaceship circumnavigating the Earth, in a cave with a waterfall running through it, in a lively Coffee House with jazz music in the background, or in the Immersed Café, a large, open setting best experienced with friends or colleagues or other Immersed users who can share the public spaces. Immersed does accommodate meetings and collaboration where you can meet in private in the space of your choice as well as share your screens. 

These are just a few of this app's features. Immersed is in a league of its own in personal productivity in VR and it's exciting to see where they will take it next. 

How much does Immersed cost?

Immersed is offered through one of three tiers of monthly or annual license plans. There is a free plan, with one virtual monitor (in addition to one real monitor, mirrored in VR), limited environments, and no private collaboration. Then there is the Elite plan which accommodates up to 5 monitors, all available environments, and private collaboration with up to four other users. Then there is the Team plan (still in development at the time of this writing) which accommodates meetings with up to 12 other users, provides user access management, presentation mode, workflows, and other enterprise-level features the development team is still working on. 

  • Has free plan 
  • Has free trial for paid tier 
  • Paid tier starts at $15/month

XR4work assessment of Immersed

  • Consumption/Retention: 5/5 (How well can users access and reference info in the environment)
  • Production/Efficiency: 5/5 (How well can users create content in the app)
  • Flow/Ergonomics: 4/5 (How easy is it for users to navigate and use the environment and tools)
  • Social/Collaboration: 3/5 (How well can users interact and work together in the app)
  • Value: 4/5 (Total cost of ownership relative to offering and other similar platforms)

Written by Rick Casteel / XR4work

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