This platform provides interactive VR spaces for meetings, allowing users to collaboratively make presentations, review products of 3D models, sketch, and create mindmaps.

MeetinVR: App overview by XR4work

What is MeetinVR?

In addition to a great feature set, MeetinVR has the distinction of having the most descriptive name of a meeting and collaboration platform in the immersive industry. Combining an offering of purpose-driven spaces, along with a rich feature-set and innovative user interactions and interface, MeetinVR provides a compelling platform for business and professional meetings and events.

Who is MeetinVR for?

MeetinVR offers a series of four meeting spaces designed to meet specific use cases. There is the discussion room for up to 6 users. It provides a very basic round Table with no distracting whiteboards or presentation areas and is ideal for 1on1’s or small group discussions or interviews. Then there is the boardroom area which can accommodate up to 12 users around the horseshoe-shaped table with a presentation screen at the front of the room. You also have the brainstorming room which is a more open floor plan with whiteboards and a balcony that allows users the have thoughtful work sessions turning those discussions and ideas into plans and strategies. Finally, there is the 32-user presentation room which sports a very modernistic architecture and is designed for larger presentation needs and audiences.

You can clearly see the thought that went into the room development process as you move from discussion, to the brainstorming phase, to creating structure, and then presenting. If your work involves meetings, you can benefit from using MeetinVR.

What does MeetinVR run on?

• Standalone headsets: Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, Pico Neo 2 & Pico Neo 2 Eye • Tethered headsets: Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Windows MR, Valve Index and Varjo • PC Desktop version (limited interactivity) (Windows and MacOS)

What are the features of MeetinVR?

As you meet with others within MeetinVR you utilize the smart ReadyPlayerMe Avatar system. ReadyPlayerMe is widely used throughout the VR industry, and the ease of creation and human likeness of their avatars are well-received by users. MeetinVR avatars uses the head, torso and hands rather than a full body avatar. This helps lessen the load on the VR session and it’s fairly common on many other platforms such as Altspace and Oculus Horizons. MeetinVR also adds capabilities that we missed now even during in-person meetings like performing high fives and handshakes with actual tactile feedback.

Throughout your experience in MeetinVR, you carry a tool set with you that’s easily accessible. The watch on each player’s left wrist is not only handy for your local time, but when tapped it invokes your tablet which is the central user interface in the platform. The tablet is also accessible from reaching down by your left hip. Attached to your tablet is your 3D pen and a 3D object controller / laser pointer. From the tablet you can access your sticky notes, your files, the in-app camera, give reactions, access tools, pull up a web browser, or go to another room.

Notes can be utilized for personal use during meetings and saved within your tablet. Additionally, you can pop a note out of your tablet and use it in 3D space sharing it with others by posting it in the room. Files allows you to access files that have been pre-loaded to your account through the MeetinVR website. You can also connect to a OneDrive account and access the files available there. Users can leverage PDFs as well as some graphic and video files and bring 3D objects into the space.

One of the innovative elements of the UI is the concept of “throwing away” objects. When you’re done with an object in MeetinVR, you simply grab it and toss it into space to have it disappear from the environment. **This is ingenious in its simplicity and recognition of what’s possible when you’re working in a VR world. **If I’m moving around the space and I don’t need my tablet, I simply toss it off into the distance and it disappears. I need it back I grabbed it from my hip, when I’m done, I tossed it into the air it disappears. I need it back I tap my watch and it appears, when I’m done, I tossed it into the air it disappears. I write a note, hand it around the room, and when I’m finished with it I tossed it away and it disappears. MeetinVR provides more thoughtful "natural interactions" like this, making the app so much fun you look for an excuse to use it!

How much does MeetinVR cost?

• Free 30 day trial • Pro Tier – 35 pounds per user per month up to 20 users • Enterprise Tier – Over 20 users Contact MeetinVR

XR4work assessment of MeetinVR

  • Consumption/Retention of Information: 5/5 (How well can users access and refer to info in the environment)
  • Production/Efficiency of Creating Content: 4/5 (How well can users create content in the app)
  • Flow/Ergonomics of UI: 5/5 (How easy is it for users to navigate and use the environment and tools)
  • Social/Collaboration Features: 5/5 (How well can users interact and work together in the app)
  • Value: 5/5 (Total cost of ownership relative to offering and other similar platforms)

Written by Rick Casteel / XR4work

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