REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE OF COMPLEX MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENTWhen machinery fails on large production plants, even short disruptions cause major deficiencies in the manufacturing process. As global supplier of mechanical components ERIKS supports customers across industrial sectors globally with various unique machinery and equipment in operation. When ERIKS customers, such as DSM Dyneema producer of the worlds strongest fiber, experience technical difficulties, ERIKS needs to respond fast with expert advice during maintenance and repair procedures. In a usual case of technical failure, the onsite technician at DSM Dyneema would contact an ERIKS engineer via phone or email. These outdated communication methods make it difficult for the ERIKS engineer to clearly understand the problem as all information is provided by the onsite technician who is often unfamiliar with the machine or the error. It can take days of back and forth to identify the problem and even longer to find the right fix for it. Consequently, increased downtime inflates cost across the production process.NEXT LEVEL EXPERT SUPPORT WITH AUGMENTED REALITY AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIMEUsing the REFLEKT Remote white label app which forms a part of the REFLEKT ONE Operating System, ERIKS rolled out ERIKS Brain which allows the DSM Dyneema technician to connect with the right ERIKS expert with a single click. Shifting all service communication to the onebutton solution makes ERIKS expertise available instantly and directly where the technician needs it. Providing visual guidance with AR helps identify errors faster and significantly decrease required time and cost. For example, when the DSM Dyneema technician clicks the Contact an expert button in the app, the ERIKS expert is notified and both can communicate via live chat or call straight away. The live video option allows the ERIKS expert to see and understand the issue as well as guide the onsite technician through the fix by drawing and placing augmented instructions into the field of view. Incidentbased reporting allows ERIKS to better understand their service activity and improve their offering.

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