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Remio: App overview by XR4work

What is Remio?

Remio’s business model is built on offering an immersive platform to hold corporate team-building events. They strike a balance between providing an environment for discussion, and lite meeting and presentation features, with access to activity and gaming spaces where groups can participate in fun activities. Through the use of the activities and gaming spaces, teams come to learn of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, build trust, create pleasant memories, and bond as a group.

Who is Remio for?

When you want to have immersive meetings with your work team, there are many platforms to choose from in the market at present. But the ability to meet and discuss business strategy or work through a project plan or dissecting a workflow is often based on a foundation of how well a team works together as a unit. To this end, corporations and businesses have recognized that** team-building exercises and events are a critical element to optimizing team functionality and ultimately business success. Remio is a platform that helps address this need**, using many of the familiar immersive platform concepts you might recognize from some of the well-known meeting and collaboration platforms.

What does Remio run on?

Remio is an Oculus Quest exclusive platform.

What are the features of Remio?

One element of the Remio experience that will stand out to users immediately is the choice of avatars. If you’re familiar with the game Half +Half on the Oculus platform you will have an idea of the avatar system in Remio. Remio’s design decision was to avoid realism and remove body image, race, and gender from the equation. Imagine yourself made from Play-Doh or the character from the Disney movie Big Hero 6 and distinguished by a distinct color and your name tag floating above you and you get the idea of the avatar system used in Remio.

Remio looks to strike a balance between offering facilities to accommodate group play and exploration and business needs. There are areas that accommodate the necessary parts of a business Gathering like presenting a presentation in a large open boardroom area Or walking through a very simple project on a Trello board. There are even small areas it will accommodate private discussions and even small group exercises. Just don’t expect more elaborate functionality for large-scale meeting and collaboration. This platform is geared towards fun, humor and play with a few tools for sharing bits of information and data but not about generating your next business plan.

Remio’s strength is in offering many different team-building worlds to accommodate different tastes and styles within the team. There are 8 worlds in Total to choose from. There is this silly and fun hide-and-go-seek where half of the team is grown into Giants and have shrunk to mice size. There are the tense and physically active tower defense and paintball areas and the relaxing meditation Garden where a group can be lead in relaxation and yoga techniques. You can even link to multiplayer games on the quest platform directly from Remio. User avatars change based on the activity to match the theme of the area. In the tower defense players sport helmets and bows while in the Meditation garden each player is a ball of energy.

**Remio offers services and support as part of their packages. **They work with your representative outline and develop your team building event. They will help you build out a schedule and an agenda and guide the session for your team during your event. There are dedicated spaces for presentations and company discussions, a project workspace, as well as small breakout rooms for private conversations. They not only provide the 3D environment and the game spaces but can even ship Oculus Quest headsets pre-loaded with all the needed software for one off events and short-term engagements.

How much does Remio cost?

One-Off Meeting - $65/user (incudes delivery and return of Quest 2 headset and guided team building event) OR $45/user without headset • Week-long - $80/user (includes delivery and return of Quest 2 headset and 2 guided team events) OR $40/user without headset • Month-long - $50/user (incudes delivery and return of Quest 2 headset and guided team-building event and on-demand during the month. Daily access to platform and apps) OR $30/user without headset

XR4work assessment of Remio

  • Consumption/Retention of Information: 3/5 (How well can users access and refer to info in the environment)
  • Production/Efficiency of Creating Content: N/A (How well can users create content in the app)
  • **Flow/Ergonomics of UI: **5/5 (How easy is it for users to navigate and use the environment and tools)
  • Social/Collaboration Features: 5/5 (How well can users interact and work together in the app)
  • Value: 5/5 (Total cost of ownership relative to offering and other similar platforms)

Written by Rick Casteel / XR4work

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