StellarX empowers people with immersive skillbuilding experiences in VR

Working with the Royal Canadian Navy crews in Halifax, Quebec, and Ottawa, we used StellarX to create an immersive skillbuilding experience aimed at making training more accessible and efficient. We created a customized Space that replicates a ship and includes training scenarios, in which teams can get realistic handson training in an environment thats safe and forgiving. Its interoperability helps trainees collaborate in realtime so they can work as a team, onboard new recruits easily, manage crisis situations with efficiency, and overall improve their daytoday operations.Prior to adopting StellarX, trainees had to be gathered together aboard an actual ship, which was quite costly and logistically challenging to schedule. Our solution allows multiple training centers to train their crews together from anywhere, at any time. Each member now has access to more individual training time, and can gain a better understanding of the situation before facing it.As for the instructors and Subject Matter Experts, they can now create, modify or iterate training scenarios and new simulations using StellarX in creator mode, making sure they remain on top of their game and fully capable of providing that training without relying heavily on a service provider to suit their everchanging needs.

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