Improve business skills in realistic virtual reality scenarios

Use case example: Employee TrainingCompanies can use our remote training tool with internal and external trainers. For example, a small group of between 48 employees can meet in the same virtual room, from different locations around the world, and participate in the same training session.Here they can learn core techniques from trainers and then practice sales pitches, presentations, leadership communication, media training and other skills together. The learner can receive instant AIpowered feedback, as well as peerreviewed feedback, record and save the session, and send data analytics to our custombuilt LMS to that managers and trainers can easily track ROI. Employees can join group training sessions in VR from anywhere in the world, saving time and cost on traveling and accommodation, and increasing learning efficiency by learning through experience and having an immediate feedback loop. Once the live session has finished, learners can continue practicing and building their skills in multiple environments in the VirtualSpeech app for up to 12 months.

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