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A-Z of non-consumer VR (infographic)

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Published 2020-10-29

Virtual reality is an amazing technology that can be used for great impact in businesses and other organizations. The practical applications of VR, outside gaming and entertainment, are simply too many to count. But that didn’t stop us from collecting this massive list of VR use cases and real-world examples – presented here in a handy high-res image as well as downloadable PDF!

You’re welcome to look through the A-Z of non-consumer VR to be inspired – OR to share it with others! Maybe even use it to make your case for why to adopt this exciting technology in your own organization?

Be sure to also check back at this online resource from time to time. We will add more use cases and other relevant pieces of info as we continue researching the exciting topic of non-consumer virtual reality applications.

Infographic of professional uses of virtual reality, ordered alphabetically

List of non-consumer VR applications

Automotive: Volvo use VR for car design/prototyping, as well as research & development for safety.

(Hardware: Varjo)

Beauty: Demo of an app that lets you preview different hair colors on yourself. (Ok, technically this is augmented reality.)

(App: Modiface Hair Color Android/iOS)

Construction: AEC professionals use VR to streamline workflow and reduce risk.

(Software: Insite)

Death: This grieving mother was given an opportunity to meet her deceased daughter with VR, helping her to get closure.

(More: The VR Experience That Might Make You Less Afraid to Die)

Education: Virtual reality takes students around the world.

(Resource: 1000 educational 360 videos on youtube)

Firefighting: Virtual reality firefighter training – it’s not a game.

(Solutions from Vobling and Flaim)

Gastronomy: Virtual reality dining explained.

(Tickets available here. Not during covid-19)

Healthcare: VR used to understand Alzheimer’s, therapy for autistic adults and children.

(Related project: Sea Hero Quest, game for dementia research)

Interior design: How virtual reality is changing the world of interior design.

(App: Try IKEA Place (AR) Android/iOS)

Journalism: “I wanted to go beyond the reporting and focus on the experience wherein people could virtually transport themselves.”

(Resource: NYT360 Youtube channel)
(Production agency: Emblematic Group)

Kindergarten: UK schools embrace VR to prepare preschool children for class during pandemic.

(Toy: Try AR for preschoolers with Merge Cube)

Legal services: Virtual reality goes on trial. (VR uses in courtrooms)

(Solution provider: FARO Zone – forensic 3D/VR animation)

Museums: 7 ways VR is changing the museum landscape.

(App: Try Art Plunge, wonderful 3D digitized paintings in VR)

Navigation: Google Maps Live View will overlay nearby landmarks to help AR navigation.

(App: Also try SJ Labs if you’re close to Stockholm Central Station!)

Occupational guidance: Expeditions career tours can take kids to work, virtually.

(App: Google Expeditions Android/IOS)

Product design / prototyping: Product development gets a makeover—with virtual reality.

(App: Gravity Sketch, for multiple VR headsets)

Quarantine (Work From Home): Embedded in a corporate virtual reality, a reporter faces down waves of nausea to get the inside story.

(Resource: The best VR meeting apps, including feature comparison table)

Real estate: Five Innovative Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality in the Real Estate Business.

(Try: Matterport Spaces in webVR)

Sports broadcasts: Live Sports Broadcasting VR is an Example of How Virtual Reality Can Dramatically Alter an Industry.

(Related: NextVR app for sports/music broadcasts acquired by Apple)

Telecommunications: Socially distant surgery is now possible nine miles away.

(Related game… kind of: Surgeon Simulator for VR)

Urban planning: Unreal Engine has been used to build a digital twin of Helsinki using 3D modelling from open data provided by the city. Zoan has merged this with a series of drawings, hand-crafted modelling and imagery to create one of the world’s most realistic VR experiences.

Visualization: VR Software Allows Scientists to ‘Walk’ Inside Cells.

(Apps: Nanome and LumeVR for scientific visualization)

Working out: Virtual Reality Makes Exercise More Enjoyable And Less Tiring, Study Finds.

(App + hardware: VZfit to use your stationary bike in VR)

X-ray (radiologist) tech training: 4 ways virtual, augmented reality could change radiology forever.

(Solution provider: CT Trainer)

Yoghurt production: Russian cows get VR headsets ‘to reduce anxiety’

(We had to include this one, though it’s uncertain if it was just a joke/PR stunt. But examples on “Y” is hard! Also, related: The army is testing AR goggles for dogs)

Zoo visits: Will AR, VR kill zoos or is it time for zoos to tech up?

(VR video: “Micro Monsters”, new production about the insect kingdom, narrated by David Attenborough)

…. Whew, there we have it! Please share this resource and help spread the message. We will update it continuously, and we hope you will benefit from our research into the wonderful, varied world of VR applications for non-consumer use cases!