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With virtual reality police training, Sacramento tries to 'get to a much better place'

Latest Apple AR Patent Promises to Turn Any Surface Into Touchscreen

VR visualization supports research on molecular networks

The Glimpse Group Seeks $10 Million IPO (Pending:VRAR)

Mary Kay Launches Digital Platform and Virtual Reality Pop-Up Showroom

Virtual reality college program to boost mechanic workforce

Innovega Expands Patent Filings for Assisting the Sensory Impaired

VR can be good for your health

How 5G and immersive experiences are changing live event participation

Facebook: Introducing President Mark Zuckerberg

Flavors of Augmented Reality

Concurrent sharing of an avatar body by two individuals in virtual reality

In the current remote and virtual environment, AR presents an opportunity for learning

Trump vs Biden : NeXR Technologies SE realizes innovative showcase for the US election together with Baby Giant Hollyberg : NeXR MoCap technology underlines game changer potential

OZ Consumers Back Brands That Deliver Immersive Content Online

Consider adopting extended reality for improved CX

GamesBeat and Oculus team up to present exclusive games content

How Virtual Reality Can Help Profile People’s Personality?

How VR & AR Helped Solgaard Bring Their Unique Luggage To Life

Verizon brings Smithsonian artifacts into AR, invites teams to redefine museums

Rethinking workforce strategies with AI, virtual reality: Research

Zoom Fatigue and the New Ways to Party

Designers are Exploring Ways to Introduce Users to a “Mixed” Reality

Nvidia promises enterprise XR streaming with CloudXR on AWS

How we discovered that VR can profile your personality

How virtual reality therapy can cure PTSD, obesity and even the pain of childbirth

Brain scanA novelist’s vision of the virtual world has inspired an industry

The RealMax Qian is an AR and VR headset rolled into one package

Ubisoft invites us to visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral before the fire, in virtual reality | Technology

NurtureVR: The VR Program That Promises to Transform Prenatal and Postnatal Care

A revolutionary head start in how to create a better reality

Avantis and Engage show the power of VR for education

XRSI releases VR/AR user privacy framework, citing ‘urgent’ need

Hubs: Let's meet virtually

Virtual Reality Training Leads to Physical Activity and Improved Cognitive Function

Bad Breakdowns, Useful Seams, and Face Slapping: Analysis of VR Fails on YouTube | Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Bristol Myers sees automation, virtual reality on the horizon for pair of new CAR-T manufacturing plants | FiercePharma

How virtual reality exposure therapy is helping to treat phobias and paranoia - ABC News

AR use cases gain ground due to COVID-19, maturing tech

3 Unstoppable Growth Trends to Invest in Today | The Motley Fool

Metaverse: Facebook Is Leading The Paradigm Shift (NASDAQ:FB) | Seeking Alpha

Autism researchers explore technology’s use in clinical therapy

Marxent awarded patent for its ‘Design from Photo’ technology for e-commerce and 3D visualization |

Training centre trials virtual reality tools : Pacific Navy News

Expert Q&A: Reality check - trends in XR

122nd Fighter Wing unveils VR recruiting tool

20 years of research on the use of virtual reality in education

NASA Tests Mixed Reality, Scientific Know-How, and Mission Operations

‘An immediate sense of co-presence’: Firms turn to VR as bridge for in-person connections at conferences, events

5 Ways Immersive Technologies Can Transform the Manufacturing Industry

VR in universities a welcome addition, but not yet 'plug-and-play'

Alter Agents, Snap Inc., and Publicis Media Release New Data on Augmented Reality (AR) in Consumer Shopping

For gaming conferences, the future is hybrid | VentureBeat

Microsoft Using Mixed Reality for Remote Audits of Azure Data Centers

Intel Takes Us Inside to Reveal How HoloLens 2 Is Transforming Computer Chip Production

Microsoft Files Patent To Bring Real-World Objects To VR - VRScout

Tom Cruise and Russia Want to Shoot Movies in Space, but These VR Filmmakers Got There First

Oklahoma college students create new virtual reality COVID-19 training program

COVID has moved us closer to an industrial AR and VR revolution

BMW Uses Gaming Tech To Design Virtual Factories

Fortnite makers help Aussie start-up train paramedics using virtual reality

Why Microsoft Won The $22 Billion Army Hololens 2 AR Deal

Virtual reality to help patients speak up

Microsoft $22 Billion U.S. Army Deal for HoloLens Advances

“Doc McStuffins: Doctor for a Day” Virtual Reality (DocVR) for Pediatric Preoperative Anxiety and Satisfaction – A Feasibility Study.

VR architecture reveals stunning details, but can't always capture ambience

The Age Of Holograms May Finally Be Upon Us

Virtual Reality and the COVID Mental Health Crisis

What Snap's Acquisition Could Mean for Snapchat & Spectacles — Virtual Voice Assistants Meet Augmented Reality

Electrolux praises virtual reality and eye tracking for product development

Peggy Nordeen: Facebook makes a big play for business VR

Peak experience: Bulgari’s virtual reality fragrance experiment is pretty cool

Nimbus & Nanome Virtual Reality Business Uses | Oculus for Business

And-Ones: Technology, Ratings, L. Nash, Italy

Tidewell Hospice Rolls Out Large-Scale Virtual Reality Program

Samsung, Stanford Collab to Make 'Highly Impressive' 10,000 PPI Display for VR—Is this the 'Real' in Virtual Reality?

Facebook researchers are working on keyboard-less typing for VR

Blend Media launches world’s first Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality freelancer marketplace – Blend Market — VR/AR Association

Virtual reality experience open at the Ark Encounter; ‘A Flood of Reality’ is state-of-the-art immersive

BSI’s Tim McGarr on Enterprise AR and Standards Development

U.S. Air Force to Use Virtual Reality to Simulate F-22, F-35 and F-15 Training

Essay Video takes immersive storytelling to a new dimension with Brompton Technology

The Roundtable Learning Introduces Mercury XRS to Train Employees

TSU helps a project for the VR rehabilitation of disabled people

Prague Invites Spectators Back into Theatres Through Virtual Reality

Safety training for ground operations with virtual reality

The VR industry’s breakout year is ‘just the beginning’

Educators will use virtual reality to teach anatomy

Latest research finds virtual training capable of enhancing cognitive functions

Almost like being there

Hoag to ‘nurture’ new moms through virtual reality

Facebook Wants to Build an AR Headset to Supercharge Your Hearing, Create a Custom HRTF from a Photograph

PrecisionOS, an Award-Winning Simulation Company, Releases the First Fully Interactive Robotics Platform in VR

Facebook buys studio behind Roblox-like Crayta gaming platform | TechCrunch

NVIDIA Adds Eye-tracking Support to VRSS Foveated Rendering Tech

‘Wisdom VR’ Shows The Positive Effects Psychedelics Have On The Brain

East Grinstead's Queen Victoria Hospital to provide virtual reality training

Here's how to participate in the virtual Burning Man, or 'Multiverse'

New VR training company puts U.S. HQ in Fort Collins | Business |

Variations on New Normal for Workplaces

Medtronic dives into augmented reality - Insider Intelligence Trends, Forecasts & Statistics

Telemedicine and Virtual Reality at Time of COVID-19 Pandemic: An Overview for Future Perspectives in Neurorehabilitation

A VR approach to better police training - Axios

Virtual reality warps your sense of time: Psychology research demonstrates unique 'time compression' effect of virtual reality -- ScienceDaily

Surgical Theater brings AR visualisation to operating room with Medtronic — VRWorldTech

From traditional training to virtual 360° learning in the food and beverage manufacturing industry

| News | The Cornish Times

Enhancing pupils’ social skills through VR, storytelling

Will We Ever See VR Entertainment On Flights? - Simple Flying

VR Mindfulness: Is Immersive Technology The Next ‘Big Thing’ in Workplace Well-Being?

More fun to meet as avatars

Mixed reality environments could be a useful tool in developing professional skills

Business Travel Is Dead, Long Live Business Travel

Lidar on the iPhone 12 Pro: What it can do now, and why it matters for the future

VR Awards 2020

A Portland Startup Was Creating Virtual Reality Work Places Before the Pandemic. Now, Quarantine Has Expanded Its Market.

Improve Compliance in the Workplace with VR

Virtual Reality is Not a Game

Stretchable sensor gives robots and VR a human touch

Vive X la révolution: Emissive brings VR expeditions to museums

Could Virtual Reality replace physical travel helping the leisure and tourism industry to reinvent itself post Covid-19?

Report: Collaboration at a distance

Sailing Brand WASZP Partners With MarineVerse for a VR Foiling Experience

NexTech's augmented reality technology to create Ryerson University graduation event

5G Experiments May Lead To Battlefield Applications: DoD

Ed Students Get Teaching Practice via VR

Virtual reality technology to improve pedestrian safety for older Australians

Vancouver-based companies AMPD and Shocap partner to expand real-time XR experiences for arts and entertainment

Coronavirus: Is virtual reality tourism about to take off?

Why AR, not VR, is the next big thing in business

XRHealth to Launch Virtual Reality Telehealth Clinic in Israel In November

Virtual Reality’s Fashion Moment

Virtual Reality: Realizing the Power of Experience, Excursion and Immersion in the Classroom

Project: eXploRing VR, AR and MR

SuperData raises XR investment projection for 2020

WATCH: Israeli company rebuilds ruins of ancient Jerusalem through virtual reality

The Importance of XR Influencers

Wrist-Worn Camera Estimates 3D Hand Pose

HTC's VR suite makes virtual meetings seem 'real'

Snapchat’s Augmented-Reality Lenses Find Their Way to the Ballpark

Tactile Feedback in Virtual Reality Game Has Potential in Health Care

Research shows the value of Multi-User Virtual Reality remote psychotherapy for eating disorders

Goertek bets on higher global demand for AI, VR-enabled products

Building trust in science through virtual reality

Realistic Virtual Reality Environments from Point Clouds

HP says its face-tracking, heart-rate enabled VR headset knows when you're overwhelmed

VR in the workplace puts teamwork and negotiation skills to the test

7 investors discuss augmented reality and VR startup opportunities in 2020

Virtual reality training for space exploration

XR@ASU creates new immersive learning experiences

Using VR to Unlock the Power of Remote Collaboration

VIVIDA Launches Immersive Experience Service for Diversity and Security Training

Cority Partners with Interaptix to Enhance Industrial Worker Safety through Augmented Reality

XR Technologies and Immersive Experience Trends Amid the Pandemic

Goodwill Uses Virtual Reality to Help Job Seekers

Bentley Deploys Hololens for Virtual Bridge Inspections

How Augmented Reality Strengthens Biotech Manufacturing

Pandemic fuels virtual reality travel boom

A New View: App uses augmented reality to revisit old crime scenes

Retailer survival: 4 actions to take ASAP

Virtual Reality Helps Seniors With Isolation and Physical Health

It’s so 2020: A virtual conversation about Virtual Reality

XR advertising could be a consumer threat if left unchecked

Making remote inspection the norm post-Covid

The real smell of virtual reality - Axios

Virtuworx Metaverse Could Be the Future for Event and Office Spaces

You Can Finally Feel What Happens in Virtual Worlds

‘An immediate sense of co-presence’: Firms turn to VR as bridge for in-person connections at conferences, events

How VR Robots Will Be Performing Surgery: Vicarious CEO (Radio)

Data Dive: How Effective is VR Training?

NTT’s Kazuhiro Gomi says Bio Digital Twin, quantum computing the next-gen tech

Practically: Delivering immersive learning and 3D virtual classroom experiences

Utilising VR to educate on geothermal technology innovation – the fantastic approach by Eavor

Manufacturing Embraces Hybrid ‘Reality’

The Diffusion of XR and New Digital Paradigms

Holoride Joins Qualcomm XR Enterprise Program

L’Oréal does virtual make-up deal with Google

5G enables world-first in virtual reality streaming

vTime rolls out vTag social augmented reality app on Apple devices

augmented reality hits your living room

Transporting guests to new worlds: the appeal of immersive experiences

The Virtual Arena: The Ascendance of Arena-Scale Entertainment – Part 2

StanChart Marathon offers augmented-reality & virtual-reality formats

Should You Jailbreak the Oculus Quest from Facebook Control? EFF’s Cory Doctorow Has Advice -- And A Warning

The future of theater in NYC extends into virtual reality

SimX awarded US Air Force contract to expand its Virtual Reality training platform for military medical simulations

Armin Van Buuren announces virtual reality gigs

Neuro Rehab VR Announces Its XR Therapy System

NSW to trial its world-first virtual healthcare training technology

Serious Labs Offers Virtual Reality Course for Internationally Accredited PAL+ Cards

Salvatore Ferragamo And Microsoft Announce A New Stage Of Its Digital Journey

Accenture survey finds immersive tech will reimagine online shopping experience

A virtual reality game that integrates tactile experiences using biometric feedback

Problem Solved #10: Holograms and virtual tech help broadcasters skirt Covid-19 issues

Understanding Layers of Oppression Through Virtual Reality

Op-Ed : Sense of touch for VR is arriving now, with attached hype

Mixed Reality Studios: A Primer for Producers

The Air Force is using virtual reality to teach airmen how to… paint

Development and Student Perception of Virtual Reality for implant surgery

Inspiring Confidence In Education With VR - Part Two

Rendever Announces Addition of EnvisionHome Solution to VR Experience Platform

Individual Cells Explored with Virtual Reality

Army experts believe these mixed-reality 'doggles' can make special operations dogs better in battle

Going in-depth with Nintendo’s augmented reality Mario Kart RC car

From Headliners To Headsets – Can VR Gigs Beat The Real Thing?

How VR Helps in Healthcare Simulation

Meet: XpertVR

How HR is tapping VR as pandemic reshapes workplace

Virtual reality goggles for medical healing

Virtual reality could be health care's next big thing | Fortune

Fort Myers Police Department demonstrates virtual reality de-escalation training

Snap's Chief Business Officer Discusses Why AR Is the Future of Marketing

New Technology Makes Real-Time 3D Holograms a Reality | IE

Augmented Reality set to take maintenance to new heights - Apr 28 2021 - David Lincoln - Petro Industry News Articles - Petro Online

Verizon Media unveils future-proofing strategies on tech stack and immersive experiences

Study Shows Benefits of Virtual Reality in Measuring Memory

Augmented Reality Expands Its Applications Amid The Pandemic

Mark Zuckerberg on why he doesn’t want to “put an Apple Watch on your face”

AR and VR find new life in the social distance age

Opinion: XR collaboration is key to factory floor transformation

Interplay Learning — Helping the Skilled Trades Rebuild a Bigger and Better Workforce | by Interplay Learning | May, 2021 | Austin Startups

3 Unstoppable Growth Trends to Invest in Today | The Motley Fool

NVIDIA to Launch "Omniverse" Technology for Businesses to Build Virtual Worlds

WeWork and ARHT Media partner for hologram meeting tech

Changing air medical education with games | AirMed&Rescue

INSERTING and REPLACING New Virtual Reality Training Program Helps Working Adults in Alabama Gear Up for Diesel Tech Jobs

Microsoft Mesh Aims to Make Mixed Reality Mainstream

An AR interface to assist human agents during critical missions

Meet Virtual Reality, Your New Physical Therapist

Design Full Rooms In AR With The IKEA Studio App

How Subvrsive Adapts Brands To The Emerging Reality of VR and AR

Audi Q4 e-tron with augmented reality – the sixth sense of driving

How Virtual Reality Aids People With Low Vision

Virtual reality teaching students cattle handling skills safely

Virtual reality giving MetroHealth neurosurgeons a chance to ‘pre-do’ brain surgery: Brain tech in Cleveland

School of Nursing introduces a new, cost-effective form of training: Virtual reality

‘Bigscreen VR’ Green Screen Room Is Perfect For VR Podcasts, Zoom Meetings

Analysis: Immersive tech in film festivals (2020)

Third Aurora AR platform could satisfy thirst for new consumer connections

Study Shows VR Technology Can Have A Positive Psychological Impact During Lockdown

AR/VR Technology Gains Traction in Aerospace

VR is the ‘crown jewel’ of what digital therapeutics needs: Virtuleap CEO

WIMI Hologram Cloud with Holographic AR Technology Extends the AR-HUD Tech in New Energy Electric Vehicles Field

The Amazing Ways VR And AR Are Transforming The Travel Industry

Layering of Realities: VR, AR, and MR as the Future of Environmental Rendering

Booz Allen Hamilton to work on $600 million contract with US DoD for 5G-enabled AR and VR training

Report: Work 2035 - How people and technology will pioneer new ways of working

Virtual tourism — can it help kick-start a flailing industry?

AR, VR and 3D tech boost consumer confidence in online purchases - report

Immersive entertainment sets the foundations for our industry’s rebirth

Led by Former Oculus Exec, Facebook’s New Cloud Gaming Service Paves the Way to VR Streaming

Next-generation workforce demands next-generation training

VR, COVID and ensuring safety

The Realities of Training Your Workforce in a COVID-19 World

Use of VR and AR to grow across the smart cities sector through 5G

Outside the headset: critical factors in mixed-reality adoption

Gaming to learn - a look at Ericsson Tech Traveler

Army Invests in Virtual Training Tools for Soldiers

VR and the Future of Healthcare

VU.CITY’s virtual reality model of Square Mile launched

Training Transformation: A Modern Approach to Skills Development

Virtual Reality Brings the Future of Shoulder Arthroplasty to Surgeons with Catalyst OrthoScience, Immertec Technologies

Apple and Snap Offer Augmented Reality That Paints a Vision for Travel’s Virtual Future

AR HUDs — the next upgrade for connected vehicles?

AR glasses are coming… who will take the lead?

Renowned artist Jenny Holzer to debut project at UChicago using augmented reality

New Future-Focused Remote Software Platform Avoids ‘Zoom Fatigue’ by Using Augmented & Virtual Reality

These art collectors are making their own metaverse through games - The Verge

Virtual reality in medical students' education: a scoping review protocol - PubMed

See How Virtual Reality Is Helping Scientists Collaborate On Drug Design And Discovery

Mixed reality applications in urology: Requirements and future potential - ScienceDirect

The Future Of XR’s Remote Events In The New Normal | ARPost

VR allowing medical students to see and learn through patients’ eyes

The Virtual Office

VR Is Dead (Again!)… No, Wait… Hang On… What About Enterprise VR?

Global Sensation, "Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience," A Digital And Virtual Reality Exhibition, Coming April 6 To The Portal At AREA15

10 Virtual Reality Trends to Look Out for in 2021 and Beyond

This VR Tool Knows What You're Thinking Before You Do - VRScout

AR: The cutting-edge technology slowly changing your reality

Through the looking glass: the VR revolution in museums is here - Museums Association

The New Yorker’s Virtual Reality Film Is Driving Subscriptions

How you can use XR tech to achieve your business goals

5 Steps to Make VR a Reality in Your Practice

Has Covid Accelerated Enterprise AR?

Virtual reality helps nurses train for the future

Auticare uses virtual reality-based therapy to help children with autism develop critical skills

Virtual Reality for All Students — Wherever They're Learning

Early Risk Reduction For The Bomber Of The Future

UNMC Unveils The Teaching Hospital of the Future

Brain Computer Interface + Hologram AR Concept Companies Like WIMI Are Growing Rapidly

New research shows growth of AR/VR in last six months

How avatars change who we are

Orthopaedic Foundation to research virtual reality surgical training

Augmented Reality for Events — Use Cases and Benefits

Automakers use virtual reality to cut the development time for vehicles like the Hummer EV

How to Introduce Enterprise Virtual Reality to Your Organization

2020 Florida Simulation Summit

Major Lazer To Bring Arena-Scale VR Show To Oculus’ ‘Venues’

Cloudhead Trials New Remote Work Solution With VR Support

GridRaster among those ‘giving superpowers to frontline workers’

Stanford researchers may have found the key to better VR headsets in solar panels

MedCognition: How AR goggles are training first responders

Can Virtual Reality Games Lead to Violent Behavior?

Virtual Reality May Help People Manage Eating Disorders

Mitchell develops XR solution for collision repair as music artists come to VR and AR


Gartner's top 10 strategic predictions for "resetting everything" in 2021 and beyond

China to cultivate new military personnel training

VR Software Allows Scientists to ‘Walk’ Inside Cells

Holopatient Remote Uses AR Holograms For Hands-On Medical Training

Disney Cruise Line Could Be Getting A New VR System

Ferris to bring virtual reality technology to 20 nearby schools

Virtuos thinks about the future of virtual reality on Xbox

Snapchat turns London street into AR playground with Local Lenses

Racine County sheriff looks to add new virtual reality training to help deputies de-escalate certain situations

Telemedicine and Virtual Reality for Cognitive Rehabilitation: A Roadmap for the COVID-19 Pandemic

FOVE Launches v1.0 of its Eye-Tracking Headset

“By 2025, VR/XR collaboration will be the new standard in working life”: Interview with Varjo’s CEO, Timo Toikkanen

Are Augmented Reality and Virtuality Reality the New Sherlock and Watson?

KCP backs educational virtual reality firm

Augmented Reality Will Revolutionize the Geology Classroom

FundamentalVR adds multi-user virtual classrooms to its surgical Virtual Reality training platform

AI, ML and AR are Unravelling a Better Future for Design

Why Your Brand Should Be Excited About Using AR Right Now

Virtual Reality and Youth Violence

VR, AR training helps forward observers direct fire support

Mozilla partners with NVIDIA to democratize and diversify voice technology

Remote support: How AR keeps your business running?

Virtual Reality Is Helping Healthcare Workers Cope With Stress | ARPost

XRHealth Introduces New Digital Training Plan, Providing Weekly Personalized Virtual Treatments in the Comfort of Home

Can a VR headset or pot plant boost productivity?

Ericsson Fuels UK Automotive Company's Industry 4.0 Drive with 5G VR

Temple's online MBA students tap VR for second year

Business News | Why Virtual Reality Training Matters? And, Helping CEOs Sleep Better! | LatestLY

Welcome to, yes, blended learning in manufacturing | SME Media

Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to Support Learning

NJ Devils to Train in Virtual Reality Through Sense Arena

Disney Developing Augmented Reality System Capable of Virtually Lighting Real-World Objects

What can you do with a VR headset?

The Surprising Cure to Cybersickness – Using VR Underwater

Augmented reality goes from hot, to not, to hot again

WRAP Announces Milestone First Subscription Agreement for Virtual Reality Training

Augmenting learning with virtual reality

Ernest Cline Considering Ready Player One Prequel Novel Next: Ready Player Zero

Virtual reality brings water management training to life

Infrastructure Technology Can Add the Sense of Touch to AR and VR Experiences

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All? AR Retailing in the 21st Century

5 Ways Virtual Reality Technology Will Improve Business Meetings

Virtual reality forests could help understanding of climate change

The Evolving Travel ‘Experience’: Virtual, Actual and In Between

How VR Technology can Help Revive the Tourism Industry

Public Spend Forum: immersive AR/VR datasets, advocating for SMEs, and solving public market barriers

Yang documentary separates virtual reality from real world

How Virtual Reality is transforming sectors from education to architecture

Corona accelerates the use of digital twins

Cas & Chary Present: Awesome Things to Do in VR Other Than Gaming

Space Popular designs world's first virtual architecture conference

How AR Is Redefining Retail in the Pandemic

Shadow Creator Unveils AR Headset with Snapdragon XR2 & Nintendo Switch-style Compute Unit

Riot Games Brings Revolutionary XR Tech to LoL World Championship in Shanghai

Augmented Reality Solutions: Big Hit In The Era Of Pandemic

Sports leagues are betting on augmented reality, as virtual courtside seats can't match the real thing

Snapchat’s new Halloween AR Lenses Offer Full Body Tracking

Pandemic and technology combination drives uptake in remote inspection

Vivo: Smartphones, AR/VR Glasses, and Robots will be inevitable in building a 6G network

Weather Channel Debuts Virtual Views Immersive Tech

New ‘XR For Social Impact’ White Paper Surveys Use Cases For Immersive Technologies In Education, Healthcare, And Training

The treadmill from Ready Player One is coming to our homes soon

The Future of Your Office Is in a VR Headset

Your Next Office Could Be in Virtual Reality

Pico Doubles Down on Enterprise With Snobal Partnership

Have You Grasped These 5 Signs Virtual Reality is The Future of Remote Meetings?

Belgian startup Oncomfort offers VR-powered pain and anxiety treatment; raises €10M in Series A funding

BeBop & AMSO Launch Healthcare VR with Touch | News |

What if the hybrid office isn’t real?

How retail tech will shape the way we future-shop - Tech Wire Asia

How Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality is Transforming the eCommerce Industry? | CustomerThink

Russia's Nordgold uses virtual reality to conduct audit | Kitco News

Purdue University professor using virtual reality to teach astronomy – WBIW

Google shows off WebXR Experiments, AR ‘Picturescape’

How virtual reality can help improve employee retention

Walmart Acquires Israeli Virtual Fitting Room Startup Zeekit

Begin Program: The Reality Of Building a Holodeck Today

Virtual reality training gives law enforcement better preparation tools

Get ready for the era of augmented influencers | WIRED UK

Virtual simulation for Chinese plant

Life in 2050: A Look at the Homes of the Future | IE

Watch How David Guetta's Avatar Was Created for Sensorium Galaxy's Immersive VR Concerts

The Virtual Arena: Going “Virtually” To The Opera – VRFocus

DDI and Strivr Partner to Pioneer Leadership Development in Virtual Reality

Meta's AR technology gets a new life as Campfire MR headset | TweakTown

Virtual Reality Comes to a Hospital Close to Home

Google Maps Expands Live View AR Navigation Capabilities to Airports & Shopping Malls

Temple’s business school sees virtual reality as future of online learning


How AR/VR Can Elevate Learning Experiences

The FOVOTEC Vision That’s Changing the Way We See Our World.

DoubleMe Launches TwinWorld to Turn Reality into a Digital Playground

Virtual Reality Provides Lifelike Training For Doctors

Research: Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, a Viable Solution for Treating Eating Disorders

Holograms of award-winning vocalists take flight as virtual reality dance show tackles climate change

Immersive Media Design B.A.

Putting reality in virtual additive manufacturing education

Holographic installation puts jewelry in the picture

US Army mixed reality headset to enter the field in 2021

COVID-19 Accelerates Industrial AR/VR Use

Advanced Therapy Manufacturers May Turn to Virtual Reality

How VR Training Can Help Law Enforcement Officers Improve How They Do Their Jobs

Report: The dematerialized office

Best practices for a VR business solution launch

Sotheby's Realty CEO Philip White talks about his bet on virtual reality

DecaGear PC VR Headset Promises Face & Hip-tracking, 4.6MP Per-eye, and 2021 Launch

Future of Tech: Gaming Predicted to Become Next Dominant Technology Platform

AppliedVR clears major regulatory hurdle to use virtual reality to treat chronic pain

VIDEO: Fascinating clip shows how Perth streets would have looked in medieval times

DVIDS - News - Virtual Reality Training, Real-World Results

How can virtual reality improve education and training? | World Economic Forum

Virtual reality glasses purchased for Olds hospice clients

Call for Fire: ONR Tests Virtual Training Systems for JTACs, Fire Support Marines

How Technology is Revolutionizing Beauty Ecommerce

Sony may be building the display for Apple's rumored AR/VR headset

The Use of Virtual Reality in Geo-Education

Mixed Reality Medical App Gets Remote Treatment