This platform provides secure environments for multiuser collaboration. Supports 50 avatars, importing of 3D assets and environments, as well as embedded quiz/notes system.

**ENGAGE **is more powerful and polished than most. You get some great-looking standard environments to choose from, and there’s also the option of creating entirely custom worlds – for that you need to get in touch with the company behind it. That company is Immersive VR Education from Ireland, and the name lets you know that this app’s core focus is on learning and teaching in VR.

There are great avatar customization options, and you can even upload a photo of yourself to get an “almost” lifelike avatar. You’re represented by a complete digital body in ENGAGE, which differs from most other apps in this list where your avatar lacks arms and lower body.

Some other unique features with ENGAGE is the ability to run your meeting inside 360 videos, as well as “spatial recording” – which means that you can invite later participants to go back to a fully in-app 3D replay of any meeting or presentation, facilitating the same spectator experience as the people who experienced the meeting live.

ENGAGE can be used for free, and it also has a premium offering that unlocks the full feature set – including the option to do non-public events/meetings.

(Note: To download the Quest version of Engage, you need to access it through Sidequest rather than the main appstore.)

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