**FrameVR **is SO SIMPLE! **It easily takes first place when it comes to accessibility, **which is impressive coming from an app that was just released in the beginning of 2020.

You get to import PDFs, images, videos, 360 photos and 3D objects in your space. A recent addition is the ability to create whiteboards, which means a lot for collaboration. You can build multiple “scenes” within one “frame”, so you can easily change between environments and themes. And you can invite participants with a simple link – the app runs in the browser! It works fine in 2D on desktop and phones, with the possibility to stream your (web/front-facing) camera or screen into the room. There is a basic avatar editor, with probably the most simplistic-looking avatars out of all apps in this list.

Using Quest or desktop VR, you get a fully competent social VR solution for doing presentations and interacting around existing material. FrameVR does have bugs though. On Quest, there have been sessions when I haven’t got my mic audio come through at all. And on Oculus Go, while it seems as first like FrameVR loads as it should, I haven’t been able to move from the spot in VR. I’ve heard other users that have got movement working in Go, but it seems to require quitting and reloading the browser tab.

It’s also worth pointing out that FrameVR does NOT run in VR on simple Cardboard headsets for smartphones.

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